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Bella (in the middle)
These are four of my granddaughters who all were in ballet recitals this spring! Aren't they lovely?

Now to most of you readers, this may be ho hum. But you see, I grew up in the 40's and 50's. Dancing of any kind was a big no no in my family because of the church we belonged to. So I never danced. Well, does the Bunny Hop count?

In the 50's while in a public high school in Des Moines, Iowa I coaxed my parents into letting me go to a school party after a foot ball game. I promised I'd behave and not get involved in dancing, etc.
I was standing off to one side watching everyone else dance. Then they began the Bunny Hop! Oh, I loved the Bunny Hop. Surely I could join the others on this one. This was just a group line dance. I couldn't resist! Who would know? Oh, it was such fun...!
Afterward I stood off to the side again, and felt exhilarated. Suddenly I heard my name over the loud speaker! Oh no. Who knew I was there? What had I done? They announced that I should go up to the platform where the band and the MC were.
Oh no. Now everyone knew I was there! Oh, what would they think? I slowly made my way to the front. The MC asked if I was Anita ----------? "Yes, I am. What's wrong?", I asked. Then he held out a wallet. My wallet. It had fallen out of my pocket during the Bunny Hop and someone had turned it in.

So there is my one experience with dancing! I had been taught it was wrong to dance. True...there are some dances that I still think are wrong. But ballet dancing is a beautiful art! I also love to watch a waltz and some ball room dancing.

As a teenager I was forbidden to ever take part in it.
I also taught my children that it is wrong. It was so ingrained in my mind I didn't really struggle with it. I simply accepted it. Dancing was just a secret desire of mine.

My daughters missed out on ballet dancing. I'm so sorry, Pam and Christy. I hope you will accept my apology. I was trying to be a good mother, like my mother. In another post I'll discuss the reason for this ban on dancing.

Heavenly Father, I praise You because You are Understanding and Tolerant. Forgive me for the mistakes I've made as a parent. Thank You for giving me new insight in parenting. Thank You for music and dance and joy and happiness and freedom. Help me to be a loving grandma to my beautiful 15 grandchildren.

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