Saturday, August 30, 2008

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday, Cookie! Oh yes, it's your turn! Thanks for being my sister-in-law! I appreciate you, I just don't tell you that and I should. I hope Richard treats you well today! If I recall, I think I've been told that you and Richard celebrate your birthday's about half way between your's and his because they are quite close. Is that right? I'm not sure I agree with that arrangement, I mean...why not celebrate twice??? Oh well, one big celebration instead of two small celebrations sounds okay! Happy, happy birthday! Lord, thank you for Cookie. Thank you for giving her to me as a sister-in-law. Be with her in her nursing work, as a wife, mother, and grandmother.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

Fearfully & Wonderfully Made - A Surgeon Looks at the Human and Spiritual Body
by Dr. Paul Brand & Philip Yancey Published by Zondervan.

I was asked about this book after I mentioned it in a blog so I thought I'd write a little more about it, in case someone else is interested in it. It's a fascinating book. Jerry and I just sit, for a few moments after reading, just soaking it in! Then we begin discussing what we've just read.

Men go abroad to wonder at the height of mountains, at the huge waves of the sea, at the long courses of the river, at the vast compass of the ocean, at the circular motion of the stars; and they pass by themselves without wondering. St. Augustine

This is so true, we take our bodies for granted. I don't think I will ever again after reading this book. It helps to read it with Jerry because we discuss it together and ask questions, etc.

There is so much I want to write about it but I don't know where to begin or how to do it justice. It's quite deep but yet it's written in such an interesting way we want to keep reading. I said in a blog we can only read a section of each chapter at a time because we can't comprehend any more in a day. We simply marvel at what we've just learned!

For You created my inmost being; You knit me together in my mother's womb. I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Your works are wonderful, I know that full well. Psalm 139:13 & 14

Thursday, August 28, 2008

This and that

I watched the animal eating the apples (a few blogs back) so I have to tell you about it! It was a large black and white striped my dream!!! I could hardly believe, when I woke up, that it had been a dream, it was so real! So I still don't really know what's eating them. :(
Jerry and I have been walking everyday this week. He's gone this morning to visit his friend, Lin, so I haven't decided if I'm going walking today or if I'll take a day off too!
After lunch I'm going to town to order our cable bundle! Then we'll buy a box so we'll have wireless Internet! I can't believe it! I'll let you know when it actually happens.
Jerry and I are still reading Fearfully and Wonderfully Made by Dr Paul Brand and Philip Yancey. It's deep but because we've gone through so much with Jerry, physically, it keeps us interested and reading. We can only read one short section at a time though because our minds can only digest so much at a time.
Lord, I praise You because You are the Creator! You created everything that has been created. I don't understand it but I believe it!

Monday, August 25, 2008


This photo I have now posted is just after sun rise in Saskatchewan. I took it last summer when we were there for the month of July. It was the best July we've ever had! Lord, thank you for wonderful memories.


Here it is Monday. Is this week going to go as fast as last week?
We have an apple tree close to our deck in back that's covered with sour apples. Jerry brought a few in so I could take a picture of them. Something or someone got into the tree and ate a lot of apples or should I say ate lots of half apples! We don't think it was deer, they would eat the whole apple. I'm guessing a raccoon. I can see them being wasteful and eating just half, throwing it down and picking another one, then repeating the process.
I called Bill and wished him a happy birthday. I had a nice visit with both Bill and Vel.
Yesterday we had a nice phone visit with Tim, all the way from Malaysia!
Are we getting old or what?! Last evening Joan called and was surprised when I answered, she said she was just going to leave a message for us but then I answered. Where did she think we'd be? Where we intended to be but forgot!!! The Community Hymn Sing! I can't believe we forgot it. I even put it in the newsletter! We had gone for a ride in the afternoon in the MG and stopped at Betty's (Jerry's sister) to visit. Then we came home, went for ride with Tyler and Rob in Tyler's first car! Neither one of us thought of the hymn sing. I was so disappointed, I had even requested a solo by a beautiful singer and she was scheduled to sing! I'd better change the subject...I'm getting upset with myself again.
Jerry and I went for a walk this morning. We've got to get in shape for our trip to Malaysia next year! Lord, I praise You because You are In Control. Help us as we age. We're not really old yet. Keep us well and close to You.

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday, Bill! Boy, the years just keep rolling by, don't they? But, you're not old yet. I'm the one who is turning old this year! Did you celebrate yesterday with family? I can just imagine Lisa, Doug, Justin, and hopefully Mother all at your house for dinner with a birthday cake for you! Is that what happened? Am I right, for once? Now today, is Vel taking you out? I know, my imagination is working over time! I just want you to have a nice birthday. You're not getting any younger, you know. Hey, it just came over our news that your town had a tornado touch down! Now that's a bit too much celebration. Luckily it also said no injuries and little damage. Have a happy, happy birthday, Bill. Lord, thank you for Bill. You know about his pain. Please touch him physically and spiritually.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Repeat Performance!

Picture #1 is a dahlia with a bee that I took last year! Picture #2 is a dahlia with a bee that I took today! Very similar yet different. I couldn't help comparing them. Lord, You are the Creator. You created the flowers, Dahlia's, and the bees. I praise You.

Dahlia Hill

We went for a ride in the MG this afternoon and stopped at Dahlia Hill. The flowers are beautiful. I took a few pictures. There are all colors, sizes, textures, etc. They are very unique. There were so many more I could have taken but didn't. I took one more and I'll show it in the next post. Thank You, for Dahlia's, Lord, they are so unique, pretty, colorful, beautiful.

Saturday, August 23, 2008


I guess blogging is contagious! Actually I wish everyone in the family had their own blog! Five of my grandchildren are now bloggers! Andrew, Annie, Haleigh, Kaleb, and Sydney! Some write often and some not so often. You can find most of them on my blog list, just click on their name and they'll come right up. Andrew and Katie, I can't seem to put yours on the list...yet. I love this! Lord, thank You for my grandchildren. Lord, thank You for technology. Thank You for loving us.

Pikes Peak

Have you eve been to Pikes Peak? Here we are with our family in 1964. We were visiting my parents. My dad drove us up to Pikes Peak, it was one scary ride! I was so relieved when we got to the top and then remembered, oh no, we have to go back down! We were a family of five at that time! Our children were l-r Teddy, Pammy, and Timmy was wrapped up in a blanket only about a month old. The color picture is of Pastor Dave & Leah. They went for their 25th anniversary. If you've ever been to Pikes Peak and had your picture taken, let me know! You can see it's changed a lot from when we were there.

Lord, thank you for good vacations. Thank you for camera's so we can keep old memories.

Friday, August 22, 2008


Jerry and I have finished reading Backyard Dwellers by David Kessler. It's an excellent book, we got much good from it. We're now reading Fearfully and Wonderfully Made by Dr. Paul Brand & Philip Yancey. We've just barely gotten into it and I don't know how far we'll go. I've had the book since 1988, Ted gave it to me for Christmas. So I've read it before although I'm not sure I completely finished it. I think it gets quite deep and that's why I'm not sure we'll read the whole book. The chapters are broken into sections so that helps. We can only digest so much at a time. Today we read just the first section of the first chapter. It's very interesting, talking about the teeny, tiny amoeba and how it lives it's life. It's exciting to read how God created life. In the beginning God created...Through Him all things were made; without Him nothing was made that has been made. In Him was life... Genesis 1:1; John 1:3 & 4a

Is it really Friday?

Where has this week gone? I can't believe it's Friday already! I've got to do some housecleaning today.
I'm helping Rob & Jessica with a silent auction on Sept. 13. This week I've gone to several businesses to ask for donations for the auction. It's kind of a scary thing to do but, hey, they can't do any worse than say NO! No one has said NO! I've gotten donations everywhere I've gone so far. PTL! Folks are very interested in the adoption and are very willing to help out. I have a couple more places to go to today. Next week I'll hit the streets again! Most businesses are giving gift certificates and that's okay. It's good for the auction and it's also good for the business because it'll get the people who buy the certificate into their business and, who knows, they might see something else they want to buy!
Last night I talked to Lorraine again for over an hour! I called her but because she has unlimited long distance she called me back and saved me some time on my calling card. We had a good visit. We always reminisce about our childhood. We always fill each other in on forgotten details. I'm always left with warm, fuzzy feelings!
We're looking into getting cable, which will give us cable TV, unlimited long distance phone, and Internet. But because I have a lap top computer it's complicated, and also because our TVs are old. Nothing is simple in this day and age.
My pastor is now a blogger! On my list of bloggers his is called Friday Thoughts. If you are interested just click on that and it will come up! Then you can add it to your favorites if you want.
Okay, it's time to get going for the day. I praise You, Heavenly Father, because You are Sovereign. Forgive me for taking You for granted. Thank You for Pastor Dave's blog. Thank You for the privelege of going to all these businesses to ask for donations. Help me to do my best. Help me to show a Christian spirit. Please guide Jerry and me as we look into getting cable. Give us wisdom. I love You, Lord.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Canoe Trip

Yesterday late afternoon my friend, Joan, called and asked if we'd like to go canoeing with them today! We haven't been canoeing in years! But we used to love it, so I was ready to go right then! Jerry wasn't quite so ready but he came around! We have such fond memories of canoeing down rivers with friends and family. So we set the alarm for 6:00 didn't go off! Jerry woke up at 6:15 on his own, thank goodness. We were to meet Penn and Joan at 8:15 at a town near where they were camping. Jump now to arriving at the river...we boarded a bus which took us up river where we got in canoes to go on a 2 1/2 hour canoe ride. (It took us 3 hours!)
It was a sunshiny morning, crisp cool air at 9:30, when we arrived. We got in our canoe and were just getting settled and ready to paddle down stream...ooohhh, nnnooo! Here we go!!! We found ourselves in the water! We had hit a very large rock partially covered with water! Over we went! Luckily I had put my camera and cell phone in a zip lock bag in my camera case which was hanging around my neck! (We're now drying everything in Jerry's wallet, dollar bills, cards, pictures, etc.) Of course we were both soaked! The canoe was half full of water and had to be tipped up to drain. I couldn't help so Penn got out of their canoe and helped Jerry, it was a difficult job. There were three other canoes but on one else helped. They just stared at us! I had a box of Cheez It's and a box of Wheat Thins, the crackers were okay because they were sealed in plastic bags, the boxes were ruined.
So, okay, we'll start again. There were lots of large rocks we had to watch out for and the river was very shallow so we often scraped bottom! It was hard to relax and enjoy the scenery because we were watching out for rocks. We didn't want to tip over again!
Finally about half way down the river we were able to relax and enjoy the ride. It turned out a very nice day, quiet, and very relaxing, just going down the river with mainly trees on both sides of the river. Sometimes we were with Penn & Joan and sometimes we were by ourselves, just relaxing and enjoying each other's companionship. Of course we were still soaking wet! The sun was trying to dry us off. I got warm enough I very carefully took off my long sleeved shirt. I say very carefully because I didn't want to rock the canoe! I was actually paranoid. I was afraid to reach for the bag of snacks and water bottles, I might rock the boat! I was afraid to get my camera out...I might rock the canoe and lose my camera! So no pictures of the beautiful scenery, or of our friends in their canoe! Actually, I did take a chance near the end of our ride. I got my camera out and quickly took a picture of them, but in my hurry, and with the sun shining in my face, I couldn't see, so I cut their heads off! It's a nice picture of two headless canoe ers! I won't post it!
We passed the other folks in their canoes, we didn't know them, and one of the women said to me, "I'll bet this is your last canoe ride!" I replied, "Well, I don't know." She really made me mad. Just because we tipped over as we were starting out, does that mean we should quit? I think not. What would life be if we quit every time we fell down? I believe in getting up and keeping on...
Lord, thank you for today. Thank you for friends. Thank you for the beauty of the trees, flowers, butterflies and birds, the river, the beautiful blue sky, the quietness. Thank you for keeping us safe, and for giving us the desire and strength to keep going. I love You, Lord.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Answering a question with a question!

Jerry hates it when I answer a question of his with another question! I do it often. I don't mean to irritate him, I just want to make sure my answer is right. We almost always go to Logan's for supper on either Monday or Tuesday evening. These are the nights of the specials, 2 meals for $13.99. Last week we didn't go. So this week we'll go again. He just asked me which day I want to go, today or tomorrow. I hesitated a second and said, "Well, which day do you want to go?" He looked away and slapped his knee. I knew right away what I'd done so I said, "Oh, why not go today?" So we're going. Thank You, Lord, for good resturants with specials. Help us to use our money wisely. Thank You for Jerry. I love him, please keep him healthy.

Let's have a visit!

I just want to visit this morning. I know it's going to be all one-sided...unless you, my readers, write comments!!!

I wrote a blog about making a mistake helping Sydney start her own blog. We did call her mom before we finalized it. Well, now I'm not sure it was a mistake. When she blurted out to Isabella, "No, I'm in Grandma's world now. I'm a blogger!" I thought, on no, what have I done? But now as I read her blogs I see that she's being able to write her thoughts and her emotions. That's a good thing. The bad part will be when she coaxes her dad to take her to the library so she check for comments and write a new blog! Other than that, I'm very proud of her. She asked me if it would be okay for her to end her blogs with a prayer the way I do. Yes, I'm very proud of her.

Last evening was small group meeting time. There were seven of us. Two brought dessert! We always have prayer, do a study and discussion on the pastor's sermons, take requests and pray again; that takes an hour or a little longer, then we have coffee, dessert and visit for as long as we want. We had a good discussion of the last two sermons from our pastor. Let me tell just about one thing. He gave us such a good word picture. Pastor Dave said if God was picking a team He'd pick me first, or you first! Then he told about how in grade school when his class played kick ball they would line up along the wall and the two captains would pick their teams. He was usually one of the last ones to be picked. We could all identify with this, but then he said, God would pick me or you first! Think about it! I don't understand how He could pick all of us first, but that doesn't matter, I don't have to understand. Just knowing He loves me enough to pick me first is so refreshing. And knowing that He loves you enough to pick you first tells me He's not partial. He loves us all...enough to die for us.

I got my feelings hurt the other day (I'm not going into detail here) but I had a hard time getting over it. I lost the joy. It's strange how some one's words and/or actions can turn a persons mood, outlook, actions, etc. I see now that I was looking only at myself. I was hurting but the person who caused the hurt wasn't suffering anything. That person wasn't even aware I was hurt. So what good did it do me to carry this hurt and resentment! I've given it to the Lord, my eyes are back on Him where they should have been all along. Turn your eyes upon Jesus, look full in His wonderful face, and the things of earth will grow strangely dim, in the light of His Glory and Grace.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

My Favorite Painting!

This picture of these three little girls was painted by my good friend, Rose. She copied it from a little snapshot of herself and two of her sisters! Rose is the oldest in the picture. I just love it. It's kind of hard to see here but the expression on the face of the youngest little girl is one of such concentration as she's trying to write with a large marker. She probably wants to do as good as her big sisters! (If you click on the picture it'll come up close.) Picture #2 is my good friend, Rose! She's standing outside her artist loft studio! She gave me permission to post this picture! Lord, thank You for friends. Thank You for Rose. Thank You for the gift of artistry that You have given to Rose. Thank You for drawing her to Yourself. Help her to always use her gift to glorify You.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary, Tim & Shauna! Oh my, how the years go by! Well, I guess because you're on the other side of the world you've already celebrated! I hope you had a great day and went out for dinner somewhere. We love you and are proud of you. We also miss you. Heavenly Father, I praise You because You are Love. Thank You for Tim and Shauna. Bless them with Your Abiding Presence.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Wednesday was senior day at the fair, that meant we got in free! I am a senior, you know. We went through the barns and other rides. The picture here is of Amber on her horse. She competed and did place but not as well as she had hoped. We went to see some of the judging since Sydney is so interested in horses and here was Amber and her horse. It made watching so much more interesting because we knew someone. We don't actually know Amber but we've been friends of her grandparents, Larry & Verna, from many years. We also know her dad, Loren, he was a kid when our kids were young.
Lord, it's so good to have friends. Thank you for this blessing.

Olympic Swimmers

Tuesday after we went to the fair we were so hot so we came back home, got the girls swimming suits on and they played Olympics in the pool at Haleigh's house. #1 shows Haleigh, Sydney, & Bella all in their goggles ready to swim laps for the gold! #2 is Haleigh and Sydney ready for the gun! #3 they are neck and neck! #4 shows it was a tie! Thanks, Lord, for good, refreshing times.

My Big Mistake!

Oh no, what have I done? I made a big mistake last night! I helped Sydney get her own blog account. This morning Bella begged and pestered and coaxed Sydney to play with her...Sydney finally said, "No, I'm in Grandma's world now, I'm a blogger!" Oh no, what have I done? I finally had to insist she go play with her sister and also pick up all their dirty clothes so we can wash them before they go to their other Grandma's house today. Well, it's the first mistake I ever made! Lord, I praise You because You are the Creator. I know man takes the credit for computers but You are the Creator. Forgive me for taking technology for granted. Thank You for computers and granddaughters. Help me as I help Sydney. Thank You for Sydney wanting to end her blogs with a prayer.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Kid's Day # 2

It was such a hot sunny day. In picture #1 Bella found a bit of shade below a ride she wasn't allowed to go on. She sat patiently waiting for Syd and Haleigh. #2 is the giant slide. Bella is on the left, pink run. #3 shows Haleigh and Syd. Haleigh on the yellow run and Sydney on the blue.

All three girls also went in the House of Mirrors. #4 is Sydney coming down the slide at the exit of the House of mirrors. Finally # 5...we're all eating a delicious elephant ear! Picnic tables are all in the sun. Thank goodness, someone put sanitizing soap machines out here and there so we were able to wash our hands! Thank You, again, Lord, for the wonderful afternoon.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Kids Day

Here we are at Kid's Day! It wasn't easy to get pictures of my granddaughters but I tried. #1 they are in the swings...somewhere! #2 is the ferris wheel, Haleigh and Sydney are in the pink seat!

#3 is a dragon, all three are there but you can only see Sydney and Haleigh. #4 is Pharaoh's ...(I can't remember the name) Haleigh and Sydney are sitting closely in the middle. Can you pick them out? Bella couldn't ride this one-too short...unless I went too. #5 is the Carousel. The sun was so bright, I just couldn't get a good picture of the girls. Sorry. Lord, thank You for the fun day we all had.

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday, Andrew! Boy, how time flies! You've become a man, graduated from college, have a job in South Carolina, are newly engaged, and you're still my grandson! You'll always be my grandson! I love you. Have a happy, happy birthday! Lord, thank You for Andrew. Guide him, watch over him, love him. I know You do. Thank You.

Monday, August 11, 2008


Last evening we went to the fair for the Sunday evening Christian concert. Haleigh, Sydney, and Isabella went with us, even though it's not their kind of music! (They let us know that!) It was gospel music, a male quartet: The Master's Touch. They're good. At the end the four men came into the audience, while still singing, and shook hands with folks. The girls were so excited! The one singer that they actually liked shook their hands! So it was a successful evening with our granddaughters. Plus the fact that we had taken snacks and water bottles! Whatever it takes!!! Thank You, Lord, for our granddaughter's. Thank You for gospel music and for The Master's Touch. Thank You for the good time we had last night.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday, Tyler! Another grandson 16 years old! Not another driver! Oh yeah! Well, I've seen you drive and I must say you do a good job! You're a good driver! I hope you had a good day today, I didn't see you all day. You're a good kid and I'm proud to be your grandma. Have a happy, happy birthday.

Thank you, Lord, for Tyler. He's a good kid. Please keep him trusting in You. Thank You for the missions trips he's been on. Guide him as he goes through life. You love him, Lord, and so do I.


I was a Kid's Hope U.S.A. mentor was 5 or 6 years, a few years ago. My student was
Sami. She was my only student and when she ended 5th grade she asked if I was going to mentor a new student. Then she asked me not to. She was being very possessive and wanted to know I wouldn't be having fun with someone else! Sami and I had our up's and down's. We had mostly up's. We had lots of fun together. A few times she came over for the night. She always brought one of her sisters with her. I'm telling you all this because I want to show you what a closeness we shared. She's a teenager now and I had pretty much lost touch with her. Now I'm asking if you'll help me pray for Sami. I heard this morning that she has run away and no one has heard anything from her in eight months! Oh, my heart goes out to her. She's from a very large family, you know the kind: his kids, her kids, their kids. I know her dad tries but without the Lord, well...

Heavenly Father, I praise You because You are Omnipresent. You know where Sami is, I don't and her family doesn't. Forgive me for losing touch with her. Thank You for the years of friendship we had when she was just a girl. Please be with her right now. Help her to remember the times we talked about God and the times we prayed together before she went to sleep when we had sleepovers. Most of all reveal Yourself to her and help her to respond to You. I love You, Lord, and I am so thankful I have You to trust in. Lord, I place Sami in Your Care. Please watch over her.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Our girls

Sydney and Isabella are here to visit for a few days. Welcome! We're taking care of Plaid, Haleigh's dog, today and tomorrow while Haleigh's family is at the other grandparents. They've had lots of fun playing with Plaid and taking him for walks, etc. Next week is the fair so we'll be spending time there. Thank you, Lord, for Syd and Bella, and for Plaid. We've had a good day today. Help us, during the next few days, to enjoy each other and to have good times with Haleigh and at the fair, and whatever else we do.

#1 & 2 Bella, Syd, and Plaid. #3 is Bella with Plaid.


Did you watch the opening ceremonies? They were fabulous! Fabulous, magnificent, precise, beautiful, creative, outstanding, incredible, fantastic, better than the best, unbelievable...

Lord, You are the Creator. I praise You. You love the Chinese people, You created them. You saw the beauty of last night. Help these Olympic games to be to Your Honor and Glory.

Friday, August 08, 2008


What an interesting day! 08/08/08! It'll never be this again. What a great day for the Olympics to begin. I can hardly wait for tonight! 8:08 PM. I always watch as much Olympics as I possibly can. I'm always sad when it ends.

Early this morning I heard an aggressive animal overtake a smaller animal. I don't know what either were, but the larger one had a fierce growl and the smaller one had a pitiful cry. One of the bad things of country living and living in the woods. I know it's the balance of nature but I still don't like it.

Heavenly Father, today is an interesting day filled with the excitment of the Olympic's games beginning. Please be with each participant. Please keep drugs out. Help the games to be fair. Keep everyone safe. It's a wonderful time of all nationalities coming together. Please be with the ones who know You personally, help them to shine out with Your Love.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Here and now

Yesterday evening I was in the grocery store, after eating at Bob Evans. There was a nice looking family also buying groceries...husband, wife, three kids, and one baby in an infant seat fastened on the basket. I'm like everyone else, I take a quick glance at babies. Well, I had to say something about this one. He/she was so tiny, I asked how old. I don't know why I asked, I knew the approximate answer...four days!!! Now, I know this is going to show my age, but when my babies were four days old, we were still in the hospital! There is no way that baby, and especially the mother, should have been shopping for groceries. What was wrong with them? I know, atleast her husband was with her... Lord, thank you for this beautiful family. Help them to be wise in their activities. Give the mother rest for her body. Keep the baby well. Please draw this family to Yourself.


I've had two comments on the family picture so let me identify each one. l - r is Pam, Rob, myself, Jerry, Ted, Christy, & Tim. It was so good to have them all home, even for just a short time. Heavenly Father, I praise You because You are Love. You are The Creator. Forgive me for failing You and for failing my family so many times. Thank You for each one. I love them, but You love them more! Please guide each one. Keep Your Hand of protection on each one. Help each one with their individual needs. Help Jerry and me to be examples of You.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday, Matthew! I can't believe it. Happy Birthday. The years are flying by. I wonder what you did today. Go to a movie? Go somewhere with your girlfriend? Go out for dinner with family? Go to see your Grandpa? Did you work today? It's hard to be so far away that we aren't in daily contact. I'm sure you had a good day, however you spent it, because your mom and dad are that kind of parents. Birthdays have always been special. You're a good grandson that we're proud of. Happy, happy birthday! Lord, thank You for Matthew. He's been a special grandson. He's a man now, and a good man. Please keep Your Hand of protection upon him as he works and studys and plays. Guide him as he goes through life. Help him to know that You are real and alive and in control.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Good Report!

Jerry had a doctor appointment today. He got a good report! Everything seems to be normal, including blood pressure. The doctor doesn't want to see him until November! I praise You, Lord, because You are our Healer. Forgive me for ever doubting You. Thank You for the good report Jerry got today. Help him to stay healthy. Help me as I prepare food that I'll do it in a healthy way. Help us both to get back in the habit of walking.

Andrew and Katie!

Here they are! Andrew and Katie, newly engaged! Picture #1 they are in the Aquarium where Katie works. Doesn't it look like they are standing in the water with the fish?! I love it! Picture #2 is on a pier. They make a very nice looking couple. Notice her ring finger! We're very happy for them. Lord, thank You for Andrew and Katie. Please draw them to Yourself and guide them as they enter this new phase of their lives.


This just came in from our Church Headquarters. Would you help us pray?

From the Free Methodist Board of Bishops: "There is a pressing need for a great chorus of prayer from a people called Free Methodists." At the end of August a delegation from the FM World Conference, Bishop Elie (Burundi), Bishop David (North America), Bishop Keith (Canada) and Superintendent Allan (United Kingdom) will travel to Rwanda to appeal for Rwandan Bishop Philemon release from prison. "We are calling on all Free Methodists everywhere to pray for the release of Bishop Philemon and for God's favor on the World Conference delegation."

Thanks so much.

Heavenly Father, I praise You because You are Omnipresent. Forgive me for my lack of prayer for forgotten folks who are in prison. Here is a wonderful Christian leader in prison in Rwanda. I'm sure there are others. Thank You for their lives. Thank You for their lives and for the dedication to You. Thank You for blessing them with Your Presence. Please be with these leaders of the church as they go to make an appeal for Bishop Philemon release from prison. May this be done for Your Glory.

Monday, August 04, 2008


I love a carousel! I have always loved carousels...since I was a little girl! We called it merry-go-round. I rode one every chance I got which wasn't very often. But when I did get to, I was the happiest little girl there ever was! We lived in Waterloo, Iowa during my 5th-7th years in school. My cousin, Judy, lived in Cedar Falls, right next to Waterloo. We were not only cousins we were best friends. Sometimes we'd go to visit our great-aunt Pauline and great-uncle Tony who had a farm right across the river from an amusement park! Aunt Pauline and Uncle Tony raised goats! We had so much fun playing with the little kids. They were so frisky! But what we really loved to do was go across the river to the amusement park to ride the merry-go-round! We'd ride it over and over and over again! (This was during the daytime and the man would let us ride as long as we wanted!) We loved it even though we were getting a little old for it.

A few years ago we went on a trip to Washington to a family reunion. Three of our five children joined us with all of our grandchildren (5) at that time. When we went through Missoula, Montana we stopped at a park where we had heard had a home made carousel! All the horses were hand carved! It was so beautiful. We all rode it! It was so fun! Who cared if I was the grandma and Jerry was the grandpa. We were having fun! Jerry and I have gone again since then, when we were traveling, just the two of us, and rode it again!

When I take my granddaughters to the fair now I make sure they ride the carousel! I want them to experience the joy I felt. I don't think they love it quite as much as I did! Picture #1 is Bella; Picture #2 is Haleigh and Sydney.
One day last week I stopped at a yard sale and guess what they had for sale?! A carousel horse lamp! I looked and looked at it and finally left. I told Jerry about it that evening...he knew I wanted it. A couple days later I saw the family and asked if they sold the carousel lamp. No, they didn't...Okay, I told them, I want it! I stopped over a couple days later and there it stood in their living room, just waiting for me! She said, "That horse has your name on him, doesn't he?" I said, "Yes, he does." So he is now in my reading/sitting/sleeping room or the kid's room! Picture #3 is my new, used, carousel horse lamp!
Lord, thank you for special childhood memories! This is not something I needed, but it is something I'm really enjoying having. Thank you for Your Blessings.

Guys and their toys!

Saturday when we went to the cook out we decided to take the MG, it was such a beautiful day. We were the first to arrive. A few minutes later John and Linda drove up in this old Chevy truck. I think it's from the early or middle 50's. Jerry's MG is a 69. Lord, we are blessed. Thank you for the fun things of life. Help us to keep them in the proper perspective.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Small Group

This evening was small group night. Seven of us met, the same as enjoyed the day yesterday. We had a very special time this evening discussing the sermon of last Sunday and today's sermon. They were both excellent. I wish I could go over them in this blog but it would take too much time. Today was a special day at our church because it was Pastor Eric's first Sunday with us. He is very musical and his wife is a good singer too. But the pastor's sermon was the highlight of the day. He began by talking about the ACTS of Prayer: Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, and Supplication. Adoration or praising Him for who He is brings us into the Presence of God. Confession puts us into a right relationship with God. Thanksgiving is for all the many things He has given to us and done for us. Supplication is bringing my requests to God. Then Pastor Dave began untying his shoe (I thought it was bothering him!) No, he took his shoes off and put on combat boots! He then talked about being ready for battle, spiritual battle. Sometimes we have to stand firm and be tough in order to stay and be used by God. Then he took off the boots and put on slippers! He talked about being quiet and intimate with God. Last he put his shoes back on ready to go and live life as everyday, staying close to God and being ready to put on the combat boots and the slippers as needed. What a great way to illustrate how the life of a Christian should be. Then we all took Communion. What a wonderful worship service. So this evening we had really good discussion in our small group. I feel like we're all growing spiritually. I praise You, God, because You are Sovereign. You are Love. You are Peace and Joy. Forgive me for taking You for granted. Thank You for Your patience with me. Thank You for dying for me. Thank You for our small group. Thank You for the closeness we feel to each other and especially to You. Help each one of us to grow closer to You in our ways. Be with our pastor's and their families. Continue to speak through Pastor Dave so we will grow closer to You.

Small Group Cookout

We had a wonderful day yesterday at the home of Larry and Rose. They had invited our small group to a cook out...and what a cook out! Rose is holding up two shish-ka-bobs, mmmmmm, were they good! Then we had all the dishes to go with them: potato salad, veggie salad, fruit salad, corn bread, corn on the cob, plus more. We had blueberry pie and ice cream for dessert. Photo #2 shows all of us eating the blueberry pie made by Linda and home made ice cream made by John! Going around the table is Jerry, Larry, John, Rose, Donna, & Linda.

Picture #3 is Larry, Jerry, and John relaxing before dinner. They reluctantly moved over in a row so I could get a picture of the three of them! Picture #4 is Donna. We had a lot of fun after dinner playing the game you can see on the left. Donna is so fun and a good sport! The guys won both games but they were close! Lord, thank You for our good friends, and our small group where we are all growing spiritually. Thank You for the good relaxing time we had yesterday. Help us today as we go to church and, as a body, worship You.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Saturday Morning News

Ah, Saturday morning.
Tim and Shauna, Annie and Kaleb are back in Malaysia safely. It's such a long way away. They are in the Lord's will, and that's what matters. We have our tickets to go to Kaleb's high school graduation in May! That's exciting!
Rob and Jessica, Tyler and Haleigh are back home safely from a vacation.
My dog sitting days are over. I enjoyed it but all good things must come to an end. I'm going to miss my little buddy although he lives close by so I can see him often.
Today our small group is getting together at the home of Larry and Rose for a cookout. It'll be fun. I'll take my camera, of course!
It's another beautiful day. I have the newsletters all printed out and ready. They've also been sent by e-mail.
Our friend, who is also our daughter's father-in-law, had a stroke and is in our prayers constantly; also his wife.
Ah yes, Saturday morning. I have much to do.
Thank You, Lord, for Saturday's. This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it.

Friday, August 01, 2008


This is the first flower to bloom on this Hibiscus plant in two years! There are several more buds yet to bloom. I'm so proud and pleased... pleased that I didn't throw it away when it stopped blooming! Lord, thank You for the beautiful, unique Hibiscus!


Yeah!!! We got a most important and exciting phone call today. Actually I was gone to town, Jerry got the call. Andrew and Katie were on the other end, so excited to tell us the news! They're engaged! We're very excited for them. We like Katie very much, and of course, we love Andrew! Katie's ring is gorgeous! We saw it on-line! Ah, the wonder's of modern technology!
This picture of them, as you can see, was at Andrew's college graduation last December. They make a very nice couple! Heavenly Father, thank You for Andrew and Katie. Bless them and guide them as they make plans to begin their lives together.